Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy is a non-blaming approach to helping others wherein people are considered the experts of their own lives and problems are viewed separately from the person.  It involves being curious and asking questions that bring the client further into their journey of discovery and healing.  A narrative is seen as a thread that weaves together stories about past and present struggles, our hurts, our successes and failures, our relationships and our losses.  Narrative therapy makes room for the neglected stories in our lives, looking at ways history and culture have influenced our understanding of the world. Most importantly, narrative therapy helps the griever to move away from self-blame and judgment.

Therapeutic Letters offer reflection on the narratives being told.  They provide further exploration and clarification into a person’s world of loss.  This letter is mailed in the traditional manner and used as a starting point for future meetings.  It is a valuable way to connect to a person’s life experiences of grief and loss.

Re-membering Conversations are used when an individual has experienced a death loss.  They are a powerful means of bringing out the stories of beauty of the deceased, helping the griever to understand that they way someone died does not need to define the rich life that they lived.  Death does not cancel membership in our Club of Life.  We can continue to make meaning around the lives of the deceased by talking about them and carrying their legacy into the years ahead.